Bridgestone joins Tyre Stewardship Australia. 

Bridgestone have recently joined forces with Tyre Stewardship Australia – a Federal and State government supported scheme focused on the sustainable management of end-of-life tyres.

We are very proud to be a member and together, are working towards making sure the 48 million end-of-life tyres generated in this country every year are properly managed, ensuring environmental sustainability for our industry.


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In January Bridgestone Australia Ltd. announced it has officially joined the TSA at an event at Bridgestone’s Bandag Manufacturing facility in the Brisbane suburb of Wacol.

The event was attended by Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment Bob Baldwin MP, TSA Chairman Gerry Morvell and Bridgestone Australia Managing Director Andrew Moffatt.

Mr Moffatt said the decision to join TSA was a natural extension of Bridgestone’s commitment to the environment.

“At Bridgestone, we take a multi-faceted approach to ensuring we do everything we can to lower our impact on the environment,” Mr Moffatt said.

Read the press release here.


Andrew Moffatt, Managing Director Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand; the Hon Bob Baldwin MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment; and Gerry Morvell, Chairman Tyre Stewardship Australia. 

Tyre Stewardship Australia has been formed to implement the national Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme to promote development of viable markets for end-of-life tyres.

This will have the multiple benefits of transforming a waste product into a useful commodity, creating new industries and employment opportunities while also reducing the environmental harm caused by the illegal dumping of old tyres.

TSA is made up of representatives from across the tyre supply chain including the tyre retailers, manufacturers, recyclers and collectors. TSA members also include the Australian Motor Industry Federation.


The mission of the Tyre Stewardship Scheme is to reduce the volume of end of life tyres currently being disposed of in a manner which is damaging to the environment i.e. via landfill, illegal dumping or undesirable export. 

The outcome is to increase the recycling rate through the promotion of economic uses of the resulting recycled feed-stock of such tyres.

In 2009-10, only 16 per cent of end of life tyres in Australia were recycled*. The immediate aim of the Tyre Stewardship Scheme, administered by the TSA, is to increase the recycling rate to 50 per cent over five years.


*Study in to domestic and international fate of end of life tyres - Final Report, 2012, COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water.




The objectives of the Tyre Stewardship Scheme are to: 

  • Increase resource recovery and recycling and minimise the environmental, health and safety impacts of end-of-life tyres generated in Australia, and
  • Develop Australia’s tyre recycling industry and markets for tyre derived products.

The objectives of the scheme will be achieved through industry participation at all levels of the tyre supply chain and with the support of government. The ACCC authorisation of a small levy on the sale of new tyres and the broad industry participation in the scheme will ensure the viability of both the scheme and the economic foundation to provide encouragement for new uses for properly recycled end of life tyres. Find out more about Tyre Stewardship Australia here.