The Bridgestone Total Tyre Management program delivers a comprehensive solution to your tyre needs.

With market leading products, a detailed plan developed specifically for your business and ongoing advice from our team of experts, we will help you achieve the best CPK possible.

Beyond this, the Bridgestone Total Tyre Management program offers unprecedented service levels – with nationwide servicing vehicles, 1,000 Bridgestone and affiliated retail outlets and 24/7 emergency support, help is always at hand.

Total Tyre Management at a glance
Whether you’re hauling freight on the highway, moving livestock, shifting heavy loads through urban areas or transporting passengers over any distance, there are some real advantages of being a part of the Bridgestone Total Tyre Management program.
Mobile Servicing


Moblie Servicing

With 280 service vehicles across Australia

Australia Wide


Australia Wide

1,000 Bridgestone and affiliate dealers  



24/7 Support

Via our national
1300 number



Monthly Reporting

Tyre usage, CPK data and more

Qualified Experts


Qualified Experts

Highly qualified personnel working on your business   




Online Data Access

Online access to your fleet data



Central Invoicing

One itemised statement to make payment easy

Leading Brand


Leading Brand

Assurance of dealing with a leading global brand 



Environmental Credibility

creating a healthier environment for current and future generations 


The benefits of a Total Tyre Management solution
The whole premise of our Total Tyre Management program is to ensure your fleet stays on the road as much as possible.
Take a look at the benefits of partnering with Bridgestone.

Customer service

Our Australia-wide customer service network extends to 1,000 Bridgestone and affiliate stores, 280 mobile service vehicles, 13 technical engineers, plus 24/7
on-call support.

Maximum efficiency

Monthly reports and online fleet data collection capabilities provides us with information to ensure your fleet runs the right product mix to deliver maximum efficiency and the best CPK for your business.

Tailored plans

We design and implement a tailored plan specific to your business. Our aim is to identify where savings can be achieved and what product type, size and construction is most suitable not just for your fleet as a whole, but right down to individual vehicles.

The right product choice

By partnering with Bridgestone, not only will you be choosing quality products made by the market-leader, you will be choosing products designed specifically to suit your vehicles and the local conditions.


Highly qualified team

Our highly qualified and experienced team will interpret your data reports using our B-Fleet system and provide insights into monthly tyre usage and cents-per-kilometre, then provide an in depth analysis designed to help deliver the best tyre solutions for you.


The Total Tyre Management team of experts
The Total Tyre Management team has been structured to ensure you have access to the right level of support whenever you need it – with locally-based team members for day-to-day contact and national managers providing high-level analysis and support.

Bridgestone Australia has a team of 13 technical engineers based across the country, working closely with our customers, supported by the national team in Adelaide and offices globally.
As part of our commitment to this industry, we regularly review the market and plan for future product requirements.

Download the brochure to find out more about forming a Total Tyre Management partnership.
Get the 4th tyre FREE

Get the 4th tyre FREE

$100 cash back

$100 cash back

Make tomorrow matter, today!

Make tomorrow matter, today!

More than just tyres

More than just tyres