Make tomorrow matter, today

At Bridgestone, our commitment to the community extends far beyond providing safe, quality tyres. We believe it’s our responsibility to do what we can to create a bright and sustainable future for generations to come. We believe that tomorrow matters today. 

With this in mind, Bridgestone is actively working towards three important objectives under an initiative called Tomorrow Matters. As part of this, we are committed to: 




Tomorrow Matters - Finding new and better ways of using technology

Every year Bridgestone invest more than $800 million into the research and development of our tyres. And, every day, we’re working to find new and better ways of using technology to ensure our class-leading tyres deliver the ultimate in performance and safety.

Just one handprint of tread connects your vehicle – and those inside – to the road, so the technology that goes into your tyres needs to be the best of the best. Every move you make, whether you’re cornering, braking or driving in the wet, relies on the performance of your tyres.

At Bridgestone we’re committed to creating innovative, sustainable tyre solutions for the future. As part of this, safety always comes first – so when our customers venture out onto the road they know they can rely on their Bridgestone tyres to get them home safe. 

Bridgestone has long been at the forefront of innovation and continuous improvement. Our commitment to technology is best demonstrated by our ground-breaking Ecopia compound  which is saving fuel for drivers across the world. 

We’ve since taken this innovation one step further with Bridgestone’s new Ecopia with ologic technology - the development of tyres with a large diameter and narrow tread pattern, resulting in significant improvements in aerodynamics and rolling resistance. 

This technology had its first real test as part of the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challengea gruelling event that epitomises what can be achieved through technology.

As a result, ologic is no longer limited to futuristic vehicles and the technology is already on roads around the world. Ecopia EP500, the first road tyre to feature Ecopia with ologic technology, is now fitted as Original Equipment on the revolutionary BMW i3.


Tomorrow Matters - To help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations

At Bridgestone, our global environmental mission statement is to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. We’re constantly looking to minimise the environmental impact of our products and our manufacturing processes and we have a number of important initiatives to help us achieve this goal.

Development of Environmentally friendlier products



Bridgestone Ecopia Tyres

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Bandag Retreads

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Bridgestone Ecopia with ologic


Ecopia with ologic tyres

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Evasky Photovoltaic Panel


Evasky Photovoltaic Panel

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Forming Environmental Partners

Bridgestone Australia is a member of Tyre Stewardship Australia which, under its Tyre Stewardship Scheme, aims to reduce the amount of end of life tyres damaging the environment via landfill, illegal dumping or undesirable export while increasing the recycling rate of end of life tyres.
Bridgestone Select and Bridgestone Service Centres use accredited Australian Tyre Recycling Association to collect and recycle old tyres. This recycling program diverts tyres from landfill or shipment overseas where they are burned as fuel, instead creating rubber crumb that is used in everything from playgrounds and road surfaces to tile adhesives and compound for new tyres.  
Bridgestone Australia has partnered with Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), and through the support of Bridgestone Ecopia product sales, has committed to the planting of 10,000 native trees throughout Australia. 

CVA is the largest practical hands-on conservation group across Australasia recruiting and managing teams of volunteers from Australia, New Zealand and around the world to work on important environmental and wildlife conservation projects. They welcome more than 12,000 volunteers, achieve real conservation results, and assist more than 2,000 priority conservation projects every year.


Tomorrow Matters - To encourage our children to find solutions for tomorrow

When it comes to creating solutions for tomorrow, we believe the youth of today are our greatest asset. For this reason, Bridgestone is a major supporter of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, an event which exists to foster the development of sustainable transport.

The race takes participants on a 3,000 kilometre solar-powered journey from Darwin to Adelaide, through harsh terrain and unforgiving conditions. It is an event that defines creativity, bringing together bright young minds who become vital pioneers for solar technology. 

In 2013, a set of specially developed ologic tyres were used on the solar car entered by Japan’s Kogakuin University and were put through their paces on the 3,000km challenge. As a result, the Ecopia with ologic Technology is now on Australian roads with Ecopia EP500, fitted as Original Equipment on the revolutionary BMW i3. 

Bridgestone is proud to be involved with an initiative that is creating real benefits for all drivers, not only those involved with this unique event. Australia will be implementing new projects, buying equipment and benefiting from long-term learning outcomes thanks to Bridgestone’s Community Schools Project. 


A host of schools across Australia will be implementing new projects, buying equipment and benefiting from long-term learning outcomes thanks to Bridgestone’s Community Schools Project.

Nine grants of up to $10,000 have been awarded in line with the company’s Tomorrow Matters initiative. Schools were able to apply for grants to be put towards any infrastructure or school project that has the environment, technology or youth development as its focus. 





Bridgestone has further underlined its commitment to youth and safety, sponsoring the leading road safety education provider Road Safety Education Limited (RSE).
The company sponsor RSE’s flagship RYDA program – a series of practical and powerful workshops that aim to change the way young people think about road safety.