Bridgestone’s commitment to the environment.

At Bridgestone, we believe it’s our responsibility to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. So, we’re constantly looking to minimise the environmental impact of our products and our manufacturing processes.

Ecopia Tyres

In Australia over the last decade, we have invested millions of dollars to achieve this. This includes taking steps to control dust and emissions and reduce noise in our factory; monitoring water usage and recycling water; and developing our fuel-saving, low rolling resistance Ecopia tyres.

Ecopia tyres have been independently shown to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Bridgestone Select and Bridgestone Service Centres use accredited Australian Tyre Recycling Association members to collect and recycle old tyres. Their Code of Conduct compels them to store and dispose of waste tyres in a way that’s ethical, environmentally friendly and authorised by the EPA. This recycling program diverts tyres from landfill or shipment overseas where they are burned as fuel, instead creating rubber crumb that is used in everything from playground and road surfaces to tile adhesives and compound for new tyres.

Our commitment to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is brought to life with Bandag retreads. Instead of disposing of tyres with worn out treads and good sidewalls, they can be remanufactured and put to work again and again. 

Environmentally Responsible

This is better for the environment
in so many ways... There’s less pollution and disease – tyre dumps attract vermin, are a breeding ground for mosquitoes and are highly combustible, releasing toxic fumes and dense smoke when ignited. We reduce our oil use – studies in the USA show that it takes around 80 litres of crude oil to produce one new truck
tyre, while retreading only uses one-fifth of that amount. Bandag retreads are created using less energy – our unique cold process retreading is carried out at 99oC, compared with the traditional hot cap process of up to 160oC, also meaning our wear performance is similar to that of a new tyre. 

Forever Improving

As well as looking at how to improve our own business practices, we are helping others to pursue similar goals. We sponsor the World Solar Challenge as it showcases advances in automotive and renewable energy technologies, supporting innovations in the field. 

Corporate Environmental Policy

Our commitment to sustainability is best summed up in our Corporate Environmental Policy...

We will develop, produce and provide competitive products and services to meet customer requirements whilst operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

The policy is a statement of our commitment to a pro-active approach for pollution prevention, and for meeting or exceeding where we can, the applicable environmental standards and legislation, and for aiming towards continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

We are committed to effective environmental management and continual improvement of environmental performance by the company in its Australian operations. We plan to achieve this by:

  • Implementing and maintaining third party certified AS/NZS ISO 14001:1996 environmental management systems at our manufacturing operations
  • Striving for a position of recognised responsible environmental management within our business operations
  • Aiming for best environmental practice across our operations, in order to reduce their impact on the environment
  • Regularly reviewing and setting environmental objectives and targets across our Australian operations
  • Encouraging and communicating environmental awareness and responsibility amongst our employees, our supply chain, our dealers, our customers, shareholders and the community.