Run Flat Tyres Keep on Going

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to unexpectedly experience a tyre puncture while driving? How would it feel to suddenly lose almost all control of your vehicle? Put simply, this is a common occurrence, one that endangers not only everyone in your car, but also those on the road around you.

This is what the product team at Bridgestone had in mind when they developed Run-Flat Technology (RFT).  Bridgestone first entered the run-flat tyre market in the 1980s with one goal in mind – to keep drivers and their passenger’s safe – and have since led the way with their state of the art RFT.

With run-flat tyres, if your tyre gets punctured, the sidewall of the tyre remain supported which means that although the tyre will deflate you can continue driving.  Bridgestone achieve this by reinforcing the tyre’s sidewall which increases its rigidity. Heat resistant construction engineered with Bridgestone’s innovative Nano Pro-Tech™ compound means run flat tyres can support your vehicle’s weight for up to 80km at 80km/h, even when it is completely deflated.  Dangerous and inconvenient roadside tyre changes and carrying the extra weight of a spare tyre are now a thing of the past.

What makes Bridgestone’s Run-Flat Technology the leading run-flat tyre?  They have been specially engineered with features for maximum performance during run-flat driving conditions including:

  • Sidewall-reinforcing rubber made from Nano Pro-Tech™ compound, formulated to maximise support whilst minimising heat generation through optimally distributed carbon molecules;

  • Wide beads, to ensure a secure fit and prevent a tyre separating from your wheel when tyre pressure is lost;

  • Low-heat bead filler to strengthen and minimise heat in the bead area during run-flat driving;

  • Cooling Fin Technology, which involves integrated fins on the tyre to accelerate the airflow as the tyre rotates and direct cool air towards its surface.  

Bridgestone’s run-flat tyres also come with Run-Flat Tyre Assurance, which, when purchased from a Bridgestone Select, Bridgestone Service Centre or Bridgestone Tyre Centre covers you for accidental damage including irreparable punctures, gutter damage and breaks or cuts from foreign objects on the road.

If accidental damage occurs to one of your run-flat tyres you can call 131 229 for your nearest Bridgestone Service Centre or Bridgestone Tyre Centre and your damaged tyre will be replaced.

As run-flat tyres are designed to minimise the difference in handling when tyre pressure is lost, it is difficult to determine if yours is.  This is where an onboard Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) comes into play, which sends a warning to the driver when their tyre deflates, so you must make sure one is fitted to your vehicle if using run-flat tyres.

Bridgestone’s leading Run-Flat Technology is available from your local Bridgestone Store in a range of Potenza, Turanza, Dueler and Firestone tyres.

Have you used Bridgestone or Firestone run-flat tyres before, or know someone who has?  Tell us your experiences because we’d love to know what you think, and we’re always open to any other comments or suggestions you may have about Bridgestone tyres!

For more information on the great range of run-flat tyres available for your vehicle, including tyre sizes and performance ratings visit here.

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