Run flat tyres for safer driving

With regular tyres, a puncture generally means you lose steering control. It also puts you in added danger while changing the tyre on the roadside. With run flat tyres,* if your tyre gets punctured, there’s no sudden deflation – meaning you can continue driving safely. This is because the tyre’s thicker sidewall is significantly reinforced and made from heat resistant rubber.

Run flat tyres can safely carry the weight of your car for a short period, despite a total loss of air pressure.


Safety first

Even at a moderately high speed and over a long distance – typically 80 km/h for up to 80 km – your vehicle will remain stable and you’ll stay in control. So, you should make it to the next service station without needing to change the tyre. Another advantage is that there’s no need to carry a spare tyre – meaning less weight and more storage space.

While this is an important advance in safety, Bridgestone’s commitment to continuous improvement has now produced the next generation in run flat tyres.

With a thinner side wall plus two new heat suppressing technologies that limit tyre distortion – Nano Pro-Tech™ compound and cooling fins – the result is significantly better ride comfort and safety.

Carry on driving after a puncture

With a reinforced, thicker sidewall, Bridgestone RFTs can safely carry the weight of a car for a short period. Meaning no loss of driving control or subsequent roadside tyre changes.

Driving with a Puncture

Discover the next generation in RFTs

The reinforced sidewall is engineered using Bridgestone’s new Nano Pro-Tech™ compound.

This revolutionary rubber compound optimises the distribution of carbon molecules to minimise the friction between them. This means significantly less heat is generated, helping the tyre to hold its shape, even with a new thinner sidewall.

Nano Pro-Tech™ compound

Stay cool and in control

Bridgestone’s next generation RFTs feature another significant improvement. To suppress heat generation on the outside of the tyre, cooling fins have been added. They disrupt the airflow and direct cool air downwards onto the towards the tyre’s surface. Again, this means less heat and a tyre that holds its shape when it has lost all air pressure.

Tyre Surface

Run Flat Tyre Assurance. We cover your Run Flat Tyres for accidental damage.

Safe Drive Run Flat Tyre Assurance covers your Run Flat Tyres for accidental damage including:

•  Irreparable punctures
•  Gutter damage
•  Potholes or damaged roads
•  Breaks or cuts from foreign objects on the road

If accidental damage occurs to one of your Run Flat Tyres, call 131 229 immediately for your nearest Bridgestone Service Centre or Bridgestone Tyre Centre. Your damaged tyre will be replaced free of charge if under 10% worn. If over 10% worn, the tyre will be replaced at a pro-rata cost.

Safe Drive Run Flat Tyre Assurance
Bridgestone’s leading run flat tyre technology is available in these tyre patterns

Potenza S001, Potenza RE050 & RE050A high performance tyres. 

Potenza S001

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Turanza T001 and Turanza ER300 luxury touring tyres.

Turanza T001

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Dueler H/L 400 and H/P Sport tyres for SUVs and 4x4s

Dueler H/P Sport

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Firestone Firehawk SZ90 performance tyre.


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*An on-board tyre pressure monitoring system is mandatory for all run flat tyre fitments and currently they’re only fitted to certain late model vehicles.

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Get the 4th tyre FREE

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$100 cash back

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Make tomorrow matter, today!

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More than just tyres