Bridgestone sponsors youth driver safety program

Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand has further underlined its commitment to youth and safety, sponsoring the leading road safety education provider Road Safety Education Limited (RSE).

The company sponsor RSE’s flagship RYDA program – a series of practical and powerful workshops that aim to change the way young people think about road safety.

Coordinated with the assistance of Rotary Clubs, the program is delivered throughout Australia and New Zealand to over 50,000 high school students every year, through approximately 600 schools. Bridgestone’s safe hands message will be incorporated into the RYDA program, educating students about the importance of the tyres on their vehicle.

Only one handprint of tread connects each of your tyres to the road.

Bridgestone’s Safe Hands messaging explores the idea that only a small amount of tread – one handprint’s worth – connects a tyre to the road. It will feature as part of RYDA’s Speed and Stopping Session, a practical roadside demonstration which explores the issue of vehicle speed with an emphasis on the importance of vehicle maintenance, including tyres.