Bridgestone Select have your service needs covered

At your local Bridgestone Select Auto Service store, our priority is the safety of you and your vehicle, and, ultimately your peace of mind that your vehicle has been professionally serviced by qualified mechanics.

If you have an older vehicle, or a vehicle that has fallen away from regular or scheduled servicing, Bridgestone Select Auto Service package price servicing is a great solution.

Relax, knowing you're in safe hands

We offer three convenient service packages, designed to promote reliable and affordable vehicle maintenance.

And because they’re package priced, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying for up front with no hidden surprises.

The best part is that you can let us take care of your vehicle while you relax in our comfortable waiting area with wide screen TV and fresh coffee.

Bridgestone Select Auto Service packages  

Oil Service

From $89*

Change engine oil1

Replace oil filter2

Check fluid levels and condition — under bonnet

Check and adjust tyre pressures

Test and check battery condition

Check exterior lights and indicator operation

Check operation of wipers and washers

Written safety report3 



Standard Service

From $139*

As per Oil Service but also includes:

Inspect air filter

Check fluid levels and condition — driveline

Rotate wheels4

Inspect cooling system

Check steering components

Inspect brake components

Check suspension components

Inspect driveline components   

Maintenance Service

From $269*

As per Oil and Standard Service but also includes:

Supply and install air filter5 

Check cabin / pollen filter 

Electronic four wheel balance4 

Supply and install fuel filter6 

Adjust parking / hand brake 

Supply and install standard spark plugs7 

Inspect exhaust system 

Front wheel alignment 

Road test vehicle  

*Service option prices are based on the minimum requirements for most standard petrol four cylinder vehicles. Additional charges may apply for parts, oils and labour on selected vehicles (e.g. diesel, hybrid, 4WD, european, prestige and performance). All prices are quoted inclusive of GST. 1. Up to 5 litres, semi synthetic 10w-30. 2. Up to the value of $15. 3. Charges for additional items found during inspection and requiring attention are additional to service option prices and are quoted based on visual inspection and without completely dismantling. 4. Where possible four road wheels plus spare. Not applicable on vehicles with space saver spare wheels or vehicles fitted with opposing wheel widths. 5. Up to the value of $25. 6. In-tank and high pressure fuel filters may incur additional charges. 7. Platinum and Iridium extra. Service options are unable to be used to validate log books to support new car warranties. 
The performance and safety benefits of servicing your car regularly  

Maximised component life

Your vehicle’s components all have a useable life. If not checked regularly it can lead to unexpected failure and expensive repairs.


Lights and general roadworthiness

For safe and legal operation, 
these need to be checked frequently.

Maximised braking and cornering performance

Inflating tyres to the correct pressure makes for better driving and an extended tyre life.



Protecting your investment

Regular servicing, and maintenance by a qualified mechanic, protects the value of your vehicle.


Reliable braking and safety

The brakes and supplementary systems should be regularly checked to make sure they are operating correctly.



Time to book

Contact your local Bridgestone Select Auto Service store today to book in for a vehicle service. Find your nearest store here.


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