New Firestone Fuel Saving Tyre Hits Australian Roads

We’ve got great news for Australian motorists looking for an affordable tyre that delivers on fuel efficiency, performance and safety – Firestone’s F01 Fuel Fighter. Living up to its name, the new tyre’s rubber compound means it can roll further than a standard tyre with the same amount of force applied.

Put simply, it can get you further with less fuel.

It’s quite the package, and a good example of why Firestone has developed a reputation for delivering dependable tyres.

The key benefits include:

●   Reduced noise disturbance features for a smooth ride
●   Enhanced dry traction and water channelling for a safe ride
●   Firestone’s exclusive Fuel Fighter compound for a fuel efficient ride.

The Firestone F01 Fuel Fighter is available in a number of sizes to suit a wide range of vehicles, including the Mazda 3, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Getz, Mitsubishi Lancer and more.

To find out more about the Firestone F01 Fuel Fighter here, or find your nearest Bridgestone store here.

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