Life Hack: Tyre Tread Check

Learn how to check your tyre tread with this life hack from Bridgestone

Did you know that when your tyre tread depth reaches just 3mm your wet grip is dramatically reduced?

Check the tread depth of your tyres.

Watch the video and learn the 'coin test'.

Nick Butler explains the coin test

Stay safer on the road with the tyre tread depth 20c ‘coin test’

Introducing the ‘coin test’… It’s a simple life hack to easily check whether your tread depth is too low.

To check your tyre’s tread depth, place an Australian 20c coin into the tread of your tyre. If the tread doesn’t reach the bill of the platypus, there’s less than 3mm of tread left on your tyres - and it’s time for some new rubber to keep you safe on the road!

20c coin test method


Maintain your tread

Most new tyres start out with about 8-9mm of tread, but as your tyres’ tread wears, their ability to disperse water reduces, meaning it takes longer to brake as shown below. Make sure you maintain a tyre tread depth of at least 3mm to stay safe on the road.

Tread depth infographic


Visit your local Bridgestone Select

Bridgestone offers free tyre checks year-round as part of our commitment to keeping you safe.

Remember, regularly testing your tread depth could save your life or the life of someone you love. All you need is a 20c coin.

So when it’s time for new tyres for your car, protect yourself and your loved ones by visiting the team at your local Bridgestone Select, where you’re always in safe hands.

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