Fuel Saving Technology that’s Innovative & Eco-friendly

A major factor overlooked when discussing fuel efficiency is the tyres on your car.  To put it simply: to move a vehicle requires energy; the greater the resistance, the more energy – and thus more fuel – is required.

Going further for less is an important consideration when buying tyres.  Thus, Bridgestone have produced the Ecopia tyre range: lower rolling resistance tyres that save on fuel costs without sacrificing safety or performance, and cover more distance while still using the same amount of energy.

The Ecopia EP100 tyre is both innovative and eco-friendly.  It has been proven that the Ecopia EP100 can roll over 40% further compared to regular tyres when an equal force is applied.*  

The EP100 has been independently tested to ADR 81/02 fuel consumption regulations, improving fuel efficiency by up to 5.7% and reducing CO2 emissions by up to 5.8% so you can drive longer for less while helping the environment.

The key to Bridgestone’s Ecopia technology is in the rubber compound.  Conventional tyres exhibit high friction between the carbon molecules of the rubber, which generates heat and leads to excessive energy loss.  In the Ecopia compound however, the polymer and carbon molecules fuse together in an optimal arrangement to minimise the energy loss from heat.  The advanced Ecopia compound found in the Ecopia PZ-X features microparticle silica to further improve the dispersion of the particles, giving you maximum fuel efficiency.

What do you think about Ecopia lower resistance tyres?  How have Ecopia performed for you if you have used them?  We’d love to know your experiences with Ecopia tyres, or any other comments or suggestions about Ecopia you may have.

Check out the Ecopia performance test video featuring former Australian Rally champion Ed Ordynski, the complete Ecopia tyre range available for your car, or find out more about Bridgestone’s fuel saving technology here.

*Rolling resistance test conducted in 2010 by Bridgestone New Zealand using 2 identical VW Golfs fitted with tyre size 195/65R15.  Both vehicles were rolled down a ramp from a height of 1.1m (back wheel height).  The vehicles fitted with Ecopia tyres travelled an average of 85m and the vehicle fitted with conventional tyres travelled an average of 60m.  This was a difference of 42%.

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