Bridgestone Recognised as Global Leader in Supplier Engagement

As the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer, Bridgestone is committed to ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment for current and future generations.

It’s this commitment to social and environmental responsibility that has seen Bridgestone recognised as a global leader for managing carbon emissions and climate change across its supply chain.

Created by the international, nongovernment organisation CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), the supplier engagement leader board ranks over 3,000 companies globally on their supply chain engagement strategies.

What does this mean?

Bridgestone was among just 29 companies, or less than one per cent, that received the highest ‘A’ rating across its supply chain. This puts Bridgestone among global leaders for the management of carbon emissions and actions against climate change through the entirety of a product lifecycle.

Locally, stores across Australia and New Zealand are helping to create a sustainable society with the following initiatives:

Ecopia tyres
The Ecopia tyre is the result of global research and development into reduced rolling resistance. Put simply, rolling resistance is the force required to roll a tyre. Lower rolling resistance means less fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Stores throughout Australia and New Zealand are committed to promoting the Ecopia range.

Tomorrow Matters
Bridgestone has managed to divert two football stadiums’ worth, or more than 100,000 tonnes, of tyres from landfill over the past 20 years with the help of Australia’s biggest and most passionate tyre recycler - Tyrecycle. Recycled tyres have a wide range of uses, from running tracks and playground surfaces, to uses in civil engineering and even brake pads.

It’s these strategies, both locally and globally, that put Bridgestone at the forefront of sustainability and efforts to battle climate change, ensuring a healthy environment long into the future.

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