Bridgestone Releases Breakthrough Drive Tyre – Multi Trans M766

  • New Bridgestone M766 tread compound specifically designed and developed for Australian conditions

  • Delivers exceptional wear life, outperforming the competition  

  • Improved wet traction and resistance to irregular wear 

The Australian heavy vehicle market has a new driving force – the Bridgestone M766 – Australia’s longer lasting drive tyre.

The M766 features a breakthrough tread compound specifically designed and developed for Australia’s unique logistics challenge.

It also delivers exceptional wear life, with testing showing it outperformed a major premium competitor by as much as 18%.

“Australia has unique road conditions that put very particular stresses on truck tyres,” said Andrew Moffatt, Bridgestone Australia Ltd. Managing Director.

“We have conducted extensive testing in the lead up to the release of this tyre and are absolutely confident in the extended wear life that this product provides.”

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