Bridgestone Uses Fleet to Support Brand Awareness

Distinctive livery on Bridgestone Australia’s fleet is helping the market leading tyre brand stand out on the road.

For a number of years the Company has been using its fleet of vehicles to communicate its commitment to safety, the environment, and its ongoing support of the Leukaemia Foundation.

Managing Director Andrew Moffatt said there were many benefits to vehicle branding, particularly for Bridgestone whose customers are motorists.

“We’ve created a strong identity for our fleet by branding them with livery which conveys our key messages,” Mr Moffatt said.

“Bridgestone staff members travel all over the country visiting customers and retailers, and wherever they go they’re reinforcing our positioning as the best and safest choice for tyres.”

Bridgestone’s latest designs are in keeping with the imagery used in its ‘Hands’ brand campaign, which launched at the beginning of 2014.

Bridgestone’s latest designs are in keeping with the imagery used in its ‘Hands’ brand campaign, which launched at the beginning of 2014. The campaign has been a huge success for the Company, with consumers responding well to its compelling safety message. Mr Moffatt said branding the fleet had also assisted in promoting the hands message internally and fostered employee pride. 

“The fact that cars are only connected to the road by the equivalent of one handprint of tread from each tyre shows just how fundamental tyres are to safety,” he said.

“Staff are proud of our brand, so they really enjoy representing the company and helping communicating our key messages out on the road.”

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