Bridgestone-branded BMWi3 spreads fuel-saving message

It might seem counter-intuitive for a car to travel the country spreading a fuel-saving message but that’s exactly what will happen when a Bridgestone branded BMWi3 takes to the road this month.

A BMWi3, the first electric car to win the prestigious Wheels Car of the Year award, will be traveling the country to promote Bridgestone’s innovative fuel saving Ecopia tyres. 

The revolutionary car has been fitted with Bridgestone Ecopia 500 tyres – the first to feature Bridgestone’s new ologic technology, specifically designed for the new BMW i vehicles. 

“Bridgestone has a longstanding global partnership with BMW and we’re very excited to have added the BMWi3 to our fleet; it’s the perfect way to showcase Ecopia’s many benefits to cost and eco-conscious drivers,” said Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Andrew Moffatt.

“The BMWi3 shares a number of important synergies with Ecopia – both represent the best in design and innovation and both have been developed with the future in mind.” 

“The car reflects Bridgestone’s passion for innovation and environmental awareness and will be a great way to spread the Ecopia message to drivers across Australia.”

“Bridgestone’s Ecopia products have been designed to reduce the production of harmful carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming. Boasting low rolling resistance, they also help improve fuel efficiency by up to 5.7%.

Branded in striking Ecopia livery, the BMWi3 will feature at locations and events around Australia including the upcoming Bridgestone World Solar Challenge where it will be in good company amongst some of the world’s most innovative electric vehicles. 

“The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a gruelling event that epitomises what can be achieved through design and innovation,” Mr Moffatt said. “The BMWi3, fitted with our Ecopia tyres, is very much in keeping with this spirit and we can’t wait to see it traveling the country promoting Ecopia’s fuel-saving message.”  

Fast facts: BMWi3 and Ecopia

  • With the optional range extender, the Bridgestone BMWi3 can travel up to 300km before recharging is required.

  • The BWM i3’s energy storage is in the floor of the vehicle, giving the car a low centre of gravity. This, paired with the near silent motor, generates an extremely smooth driving experience for passengers.

  • Its efficiency and ride quality is further enhanced by the low rolling resistance of the Ecopia EP500 tyres.

  • The Ecopia 500 is the first tyre to feature Bridgestone’s ologic technology, a tyre with a large diameter and narrow tread pattern designed specifically for BMW’s i vehicles. 

  • Bridgestone’s Ecopia tyres can improve fuel efficiency by up to 5.7% and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 5.8%.

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