Bridgestone - Australia’s Most Trusted Tyre Brand

Bridgestone has been named as the ‘Most Trusted Tyre Brand’ by one of the world’s largest and most respected publications.

In an independent survey conducted by Reader’s Digest Australia, respondents voted Bridgestone as the most trusted brand in the Australian tyre market.

Reader’s Digest is one of the world’s most successful magazines. It now appears in 50 editions in 21 languages, with more than 100 million readers every month.

“In what is a very competitive market, we ask Australians to trust the Bridgestone brand – not just in terms of the quality, safety and performance of our products but also the service and support we provide our customers across the country,” Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Andrew Moffatt said.

“We make them a promise every day that they can rely on us, and we work extremely hard to keep that promise at every step of the journey. We are committed to serving society with superior quality, which is what we do every day and why we are in business” he said.

“So, it is tremendously gratifying and also very humbling to see that trust returned and to know that you have earned it. It’s something we have always been proud of and will never take for granted.”

‘Most Trusted Tyre Brand’ logos and advertising will shortly be seen accompanying Bridgestone products in all major retail outlets.

“Like Bridgestone, Reader’s Digest is an internationally-recognised brand and one that consumers know and trust,” Andrew said.

“We are confident that this accolade from Reader’s Digest will further help us distinguish our products in a very crowded market.”

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